Calendar of events in the Somme Bay

Bird Festival
Steam engine festival (every other year)
Transbay (a running competition to cross the Somme estuary)
The bird house festival – Lanchères
Festival of William the Conqueror at St-Valéry
Garden week in the Somme
Jazz picnic at St-Riquier
Music Festival in the Abbey gardens at Argoules
Transbay (a running competition to cross the Somme estuary)
Classical music festival at St Riquier
Day of painters at St-Valéry/Somme
A Kayak ralley in the bay of the seals (every other year)
Sheep festival in the Somme Bay
Festival of Henson horses in the Marquenterre
Father Christmas rides the steam railway in the Somme Bay

To find out more contact the Somme Tourist board

Our facilities

  • Tea and Coffee facilities
  • Easy access to the Somme Bay -10 minutes
  • Organic Breakfast served in front of the Grand fireplace
  • 5 hectares of wooded parkland, sun loungers and tables to relax at and a play area for the children
  • Shaded Grounds
  • Billiard room, library and board games

Green bedroom

Green bedroom All the rooms